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The Lydd bambino academy is an a amazing opportunity for young drivers to start karting and learn real race craft, We have got very knowledgeable and experienced staff who will be teaching the candidates from track time and basic classroom activities. 

We have 10 brand new race spec karts from wright karts, these karts are competing in British championships so there the real deal to get that full experience of a fully race spec kart 

This evening includes track time, track walk, class room activities and tuition on track 

Helmets and overalls will be supplied on arrival and karts will be fully prepped ready for a full fun night 

Price is £150 a night.
Sign up for the academy membership is £70 this includes a membership card, lydd kart academy drinks bottle, lydd kart academy baseball cap, lydd kart academy string bag and a karting book which they can learn all about karting and race craft. This is not compulsory but after a few sessions it would be helpful.

It’s literally turn up we do the rest
Please call the circuit to book your place.