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This day has been allocated to a dedicated bike practice day (FAB-Racing), on track 10am to 4pm.

More details to follow shortly.

The day will be run by FAB-Racing, under their insurance.  FAB-Racing staff will run this practice day.

Notice: If you have your own bike and you are not part of the FAB-Racing drivers community ‘so to say’, if you would like to join this Friday bike practice day, you must please contact FAB-Racing in advance, discuss this possibility direct with them and comply with any of their own requirements (bike spec/other).  The email address to use for this is: [email protected]

Should you not do the above, and just rock up hoping to get on track, the chances are you may not in-fact be able to join this day, so please get organised in advance etc, thank you.

(Bambino hour for owner drivers 9am to 10am will not run today)

(Owner driver karts will not be able to get on circuit today)

(Hire karts will not run today)