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BAMBINO HOUR:  9am to 10am runs today, for this class only.  Sign-on for Bambino hour takes place inside reception at Lydd.

THEN – from 10am to 4pm owner driver practice sessions rotate all day – bambino/cadets/juniors/seniors.

Please be advised – this practice day is not for the new owner driver, just starting out – experienced drivers will be on the track today. Contact us for further advices.


N.K.R.A are joining us this race weekend.

Formula Blue (For Alpha Registration purpose, this is know as ‘Senior Libre’ today please).

Junior class drivers to NKRA are to enter on Alpha Timing, the class that is listed as ‘Junior Libre’, is for you please.

DART Racing are also joining us this weekend. Your class is listed on Alpha Timing as FQ250.


Registration which includes on-line payment of is via Alpha timing.

All formats & meeting instructions to follow.


LIKC Email: [email protected]

LIKC Website:

CIRCUIT ADDRESS: Dengemarsh Road, Lydd. Kent. TN29 9JH  (01797 321747)