Racing at Lydd

Here at Lydd we can cater for most classes at our monthly Independant Race Days, held on the 2nd Sunday of each month.  The day before each race meeting (Saturday), we hold Open Race Practice which is run in sessions.

Practice days – Practice for owner drivers is available Monday to Thursday during term time (subject to hire kart bookings). Every Friday is an owner driver day, sessions ‘may’ run, to be confirmed at sign-on.  (No hire karts on Fridays).
Always contact the circuit, in advance and before you arrive to ensure track time is available on any given day.
Track time is 10am – 4pm (full day). 10am – 1pm / 1pm – 4pm (half day).

‘Bambino Hour’  9am to 10am for both 4/stroke & 2/stroke Bambino karts only, runs every day unless shown on the calendar as (no bambino hour).


The ‘starter’ class for 5 to 8 year olds. Please refer to Bambino Supplementary Regulations.  To join our race day in a 2 stroke Bambino kart you must be 6 years of age (not in year you are 6).

On Race Days, this class runs in timed sessions as they are not actually allowed to race and is for children between the ages of 6 and 8. Both Honda 4 stroke and 2 strokes will be run together, but as a seperate championship ” NOW on full circuit”

Clubman Cadet

A Cadet class aimed at novice drivers, or those in their first year of racing.
Drivers in this class mainly run as Honda Cadets ( 4stroke ).


Spec is same as Clubman, except that this class caters for the more experienced driver.

Junior Subaru

The EX21 Subaru engine provides the perfect step up from any cadet class. Full size adult chassis are used.

Mini Max & Junior Max

Usually run from same grid, but with separate trophies at the end of the day.
2 stroke engine karts, adult size chassis.


For adults of 16 years and upwards.  April 2016 onwards meetings will see ProKart available for 2 classes – 175’s  and 200’s.

Rotax Max & Rotax Max 177

For adults of 16 years and upwards.
Available in 2 classes – 162’s and 177’s.

We run a Summer Championship from April to September and a Winter Championship from October through to March. In each Championship competitors can drop their worst score from the 6 rounds, thus allowing a driver the luxury of a bad day or a missed round. The results from each round are displayed on shortly after the meeting has finished.

RACE DAY RESULTS – Click here  or find Mylaps from our Links page.

The Summer Championship rounds consist of a 3 Lap Practice, followed by Timed Qualifying (usually  8 minutes per class), then Heat 1 & Heat 2 (usually 8 Laps each) and to close a 15 Lap Final.  (Bambino events will consist of a practice/qualify session of at least 3 laps, followed by 3 timed runs – usually 10 minutes each).

Race Days and Open Practice Days are £50 per driver for non-members, or £45 per driver for Circuit members.
Circuit membership is £30 for a year – excellent value if you are a regular for Race and Open Practice Days.
Transponders – we recommend that you have your own, but it is possible to hire them at a cost of £10 for the day.

We look forward to welcoming you to our fast circuit and friendly Club in the near future.
If you would like to see how we run, why not come along to our next Club meeting – but be prepared, as you will probably leave wanting to join us for the future.